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Design, fabrication and distribution of pyrolysis and refinery installations to treat the plastic/rubber wastes.


Greenlina’s facilities are:


  • Adapted to customer needs
  • Fixed or mobile
  • Autonomous
  • Safe
  • Environment friendly
  • Profitable
  • Energetically efficient
  • Developed in Switzerland


Aventicum, 2T / Batch

“Developed by Greenlina SA, a complete installation including a pyrolysis unit with a capacity of 2 tons per batch and an oil purification unit allows to valorize plastic waste by converting it into primary diesel.”

Located in Avenches, (Switzerland) for demonstration purposes.

Photos below.






The solid, liquid and gaseous products stemming from the pyrolysis process of Greenlina SA are respectively :

    • Carbon black (>10% of the mass of the pyrolyzed plastics) which can be used in many different ways (active carbon, tires, road construction, filters, …)
    • Pyrolyzed plastic oil (20 to 70% of the mass of pyrolyzed plastics) which will then be further processed in the purification system to obtain the primary diesel (> 90% of the mass of the crude oil)
    • Non-condensable gases that are introduced to the burner to combust as an additional energy source for the process as a safe disposal technique

    The fraction yield of these elements varies widely depending on the type and portion of plastic used as feedstock materials.